1. Register the Provider Domain (Administrator)

Registering a Chalk & Wire's Provider Domain indicates to Blackboard that it is allowed to communicate with Chalk & Wire. The domain is secured with a "key" and a "secret", which will be provided to you by Chalk & Wire.

Step 1: Access Administrator Panel

Step 1: Access Administrator Panel

Once you have logged in you will land on your "My Institution" screen in Blackboard.

1. Click on the System Admin link.


Step 2: Access LTI Tool Providers

Step 3: Access LTI Tool Providers

On the Building Blocks screen:

2. Click on the LTI Tool Providers link.

Step 3: Register Provider Domain

Step 4: Register Provider Domain

On the LTI Tool Providers screen:

3. Click on the Register Provider Domain button.

On the Register Provider Domain status screen, you will enter all of the necessary information for allowing Blackboard to communicate with Chalk & Wire.

4. In the Provider Domain text-entry box, enter the following text:


5. Select Approved for the Provider Domain Status.

6. It is not necessary to enter anything in the Secondary Hostnames text-entry box.

7. Select the Default Configuration:

  • Set Separately for Each Link: This option will require a separate tool provider key and tool provider secret for each LTI link that you create.
  • Set Globally: This option will only require one tool provider key and one tool provider secret, which will be used for every LTI link that is created.

8. If you selected "Set Globally", you will need to enter your Tool Provider Key and your Tool Provider Secret.

NOTE: This information will be provided to you by Chalk & Wire.

9. Optionally enter any Tool Provider Custom Parameters in the text-entry box provided. If you would rather enter custom parameters on a per-LTI link basis, you may do so when creating each link.

10. Select Send User Data Over Any Connection for the Send User Data option.

11. Select which information you would like to send to Chalk & Wire. It is recommended that you select (at least) Name and Email Address.

12. Select No for the Allow Member Service Access option

13. Select No for the User Acknowledgment Message option.

Step 4: Submit Changes

Step 5: Submit Changes

14. Click Submit to save all of your changes.