2. Create an Assignment with LTI Link

Step 1: Log in to Jenzabar

1. Enter your User Name and Password.

2. Click Login.

Step 2: Access Your Course

3. Use the Quick Links panel to select your course.

Step 3: Add Assignment to Course

1. Click on the +Add an Assignment button.

2. Select The Basic Format for your assignment.

Enter the Assignment Information

3. Enter the Name for the assignment.

4. Select Learning Tools as the type so that you can link it back to the Chalk & Wire/CWPro learning tool.

5. Enter a Due Date.

6. Select when the assignment will "open" - this is when the assignment will become accessible to students.

7. Ensure that the Grading is out of 100 points.

Select the Learning Tool for the Assignment

8. Select the Chalk & Wire/CWPro Learning Tool for the assignment.

Optionally Provide a Description & Instructions

9. You may optionally enter a description and/or instructions for the assignment. Please note that Administrators may also include this information in Chalk & Wire/CWPro on the Table of Contents' frames.

Step 4: Save Assignment

1. Click on the Save Your New Assignment button.

Step 5: Launch Learning Tool

Once your assignment has been saved, it will appear in the assignments list.

1. Click on the assignment link.

2. Click on the More tab.

3. Select Launch Learning Tool.

Step 6: Select Table of Contents

A Department and a Table of Contents OR Assignment drop-down will appear. These drop-down menus will be populated by your Chalk & Wire site.

1. Select the Department that contains the table of contents to populate the next drop-down menu.

2. Select the Table of Contents or Assignment from the drop-down menu.

3. If you are linked to a Table of Contents, select the Table of Contents Section that corresponds to the Assignment Link that you've created.

4. Click Save.

Chalk & Wire/CWPro will open on-screen to confirm that the link was created successfully.