Support Documentation: IntegrationBlackboard Ultra How to Set Up an LTI Link3. Add Assignment Link to Course (Administrator or Assessor)

3. Add Assignment Link to Course (Administrator or Assessor)

Once the first two steps have been completed, Assessors will be able to add the assignment link to their course in Blackboard. Once the assignment has been added, Blackboard users will be able to use it to link to Chalk & Wire to complete their work.

Step 1: Log In to Blackboard

Step 1: Log In to Blackboard

Before you can begin, you must log in to your Blackboard assessor account.

1. Enter your Username.

2. Enter your Password.

3. Click Login.

Step 2: Access the Course

4. Click on the Courses selection from the activity stream menu at the left of your screen.

5. Select the appropriate course from the Course List.

Step 3: Build the Content

Once you've entered the appropriate course:

6. Open the Course Content view.

7. On the Content screen, click on the Add Content (+) menu icon.

8. Select Content Market.


9. In the content market click the Add icon (+) to add the previously created placement as an assignment in your course.  Once it is added to the course use the More (...) option to bring up the menu and choose Edit.


10. Select the edit icon next to the title and give your content a unique name (the placement name is only a placeholder - this is where the title is personalized to match your assignment)

11. Use the dropdown menu and ensure "Visible to Students" is selected.

12. Select "Create gradebook entry for this item" and fill in the relevant details for your assignment.  Set Grade to points and Maximum Points to the value you wish to use.

Step 4: Select Table of Contents (if required)

Step 4:  Select Table of Contents, If Required

If the Assessment/Tool that you selected includes a "TOCSelect" rule, you must select the table of contents prior to student use. If students access this link and a table of contents has not been selected, they will be presented with an error. In order to select a table of contents:

13. Select the Assignment Link that you've just created.

A Department and a Table of Contents OR Assignment drop-down will appear. These drop-down menus will be populated by your Chalk & Wire site.

14. Select the Department that contains the table of contents to populate the next drop-down menu.

15. Select the Table of Contents or Assignment from the drop-down menu.

16. If you are linked to a Table of Contents, select the Table of Contents Section that corresponds to the Assignment Link that you've created.

17. Click Save.