2. Add LTI Link to the Course (Administrator)

Once you have configured Chalk & Wire as an LTI tool, Assessors will be ready to add the assignment link to your course in Blackboard. Once the assignment has been added, Moodle users will be able to use it to link to Chalk & Wire to complete their work.

Step 1: Access Courses

Step 1: Access Courses

Using the Navigation panel,

1. Click on Courses.

2. Select the appropriate course.

3. Click on the Turn Editing On button within the course.

Step 2: Add an Activity or Resource

Step 2: Add an Activity or Resource

4. Click on the + Add an Activity or Resource button.

On the resulting pop-up window,

5. Click on External Tool.

6. Click Add.

Step 3: Enter External Tool Information

Step 3: Enter External Tool Information

7. Enter an Activity Name for the tool.

8. Select the External Tool Type from the drop-down menu. This is where you will select the external tool that you've already created.

9. Select the Launch Container. Most likely, you will leave this as the default.

10. Click on the Show More... link to reveal more options.

11. Enter your Consumer Key.

12. Enter the Shared Secret.

NOTE: The consumer key and shared secret will be provided to you by Chalk & Wire.

13. Do not enter Custom Parameters.

14. Optionally enter an Icon URL. If you would like a Chalk & Wire logo, enter the following text:


15. If you would like to enter a secure icon, enter the URL.

Step 4: Save External Tool

Step 4: Save External Tool

20. Click on the Save and Display button.

You have now successfully created an SSO link that users can use to access Chalk & Wire.