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3. Create an LTI Link to Assignment (Administrator or Assessor)

Once you have added Chalk & Wire as an app to Canvas, you will need to associate it with specific courses to create assignments.

Step 1: Access the Course

Step 1: Access the Course

1. Using the Courses drop-down menu, select the appropriate course.

Step 2: Access Assignments

Step 2: Access Assignments

2. Click on the Assignments option in the navigational panel.

NOTE: The assignments option may look as though it cannot be selected, but should be selectable regardless.

3. Click on the + Assignment button.

Step 3: Create a New Assignment

Step 3: Create a New Assignment

4. Enter a Name for the assignment.

5. Optionally enter a Description for the assignment.

6. Enter the number of Points.

7. Select the Assignments Group.

8. Select how you would like to Display the Grade.

9. Select External Tool.

10. Click on the External Tool URL text-entry box to reveal a pop-up window below.

11. To prevent browser errors and optimize the student experience when using Chalk & Wire with the LMS, we recommend that you select the Load This Tool In A New Tab option.

On the pop-up window,

12. Click on Chalk & Wire to reveal the URL.

13. Click on the Select button.

14. Enter the particulars of the assignment (to whom it will be assigned, due date, etc.)

15. Click on the Save & Publish or Save button.

Step 4: Select the TOC/Assignment from Chalk & Wire

Step 4: Select the TOC/Assignment from Chalk & Wire

Once you have saved and/or published the assignment, it will appear in the Assignments list within your course.

16. Click on the name of the assignment that you created in your course (image above).

A Department and a Table of Contents OR Assignment drop-down will appear. These drop-down menus will be populated by your Chalk & Wire site.

17. Select the Department that contains the table of contents or assignemnt to populate the next drop-down menu.

18. Select the Table of Contents or Assignment from the drop-down menu.

19. If you are linked to a Table of Contents, select the Table of Contents Section that corresponds to the Assignment Link that you've created.

20. Click Save.