3. Configure LTI Link (Administrator or Assessor)

Step 1: Create New LTI Link

On the Manage External Learning Tool Links page:

1. Click on the New Link button

Step 2: Enter Link Properties

2. Enter a Name for the LTI link.

3. Enter the following URL:


4. Optionally enter a Description for the link.

5. Ensure that Allow Users to View this Link is selected.

Step 3: Enter Key/Secret

Step 3: Enter Key/Secret

Under the Key/Secret heading:

6. Ensure that Sign messages with key/secret with is selected.

7. Select Link key/secret instead of "Tool consumer key/secret." This will enable the Key and Secret fields.

8. Enter the Key.

9. Enter the Secret.

NOTE: The Key and Secret will be provided to you by Chalk & Wire.

Step 4: Enter Security Settings

Step 4: Enter Security Settings

10. Select all of the options in the Security Settings.

11. Select to whom the link will be available. If you would like the link to be available to the entire school, leave Current Org Unit selected. If you would like to limit the availability, click on the Add Org Units button to select the appropriate course and descendents.

12. Click Save.

Step 5: Review Link on Manage External Tool Links Page

The new SSO link will appear on the Manage External Tool Links page.