Before you begin...

Learn more about the benefits of Blackboard API integration here

If you haven't done so already please contact [email protected] to have this feature enabled on your site at no additional cost.

Configuration of the Blackboard API integration involves two distinct stages:

1. Configuring the Integration between Blackboard and Chalk & Wire: This part should be completed by a Blackboard Administrator.

Registering a Chalk & Wire's API Integration indicates to Blackboard that it is allowed to communicate with Chalk & Wire. 

The Blackboard base url points in Chalk & Wire directs the system to your Blackboard instance. A specific API Key is not required. 

2. Configure Assignment links in Chalk & Wire: This part can be completed by a Chalk & Wire Administrator or a user with Administrator overrides.

After completing step 1, you will be ready to link Table of Contents sections to Blackboard grade columns. Blackboard assignments/grade columns must be created in Blackboard prior to setting up the Chalk & Wire links and you must have an instructor role in the Blackboard courses to which you wish to link the Chalk & Wire assignments.

Log Into Blackboard

Log In to Blackboard

Before you can begin, you must log in to your Blackboard administrator account.

1. Enter your Username.

2. Enter your Password.

3. Click Login.