1. Configure the REST API Integration

Configuring the REST API indicates to Blackboard that it is allowed to communicate with Chalk & Wire.

Step 1: Access Administrator Panel

Step 1: Access Administrator Panel

Once you have logged in you will land on your "My Institution" screen in Blackboard.

1. Click on the System Admin link.


Step 2: Access REST API Integrations

Step 3: Access LTI Tool Providers

2. Click on the REST API Integrations link, located under Integrations.

3. Click on Create Integration.

Step 3: Edit the Integration Settings

Step 4: Register Provider Domain

4. Enter the application ID:


5. Learn User: Enter a Blackboard user ID.

The learn user ID does not have to be a real, existing user in your system. The Blackboard interface requires this field to be completed, but Chalk & Wire does not act on behalf of this user.

6. Set End User Access to: Yes

7. Always set the Authorized To Act As User option to: Service Default (No)

It is very important to leave this option set to No.

Step 4: Submit Changes

Step 5: Submit Changes

8. Click Submit to save all of your changes.