3. Configure Assignment links in Portfolio

Once the integration has been configured, Administrators are able to add Blackboard links from the Table of Contents settings area. Once these links are added, Portfolio data can be sent to Blackboard.

Step 1: Create or Edit the Table of Contents

Step 1: Log In to Blackboard

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select Curriculum.

3. Select Tables of Contents menu item.

4. Create a new Table of Contents or select an existing TOC from the Table of Contents listing page. Click the row and Edit.

Step 2: Edit or Add Instrument Links

5. Select the assignment from the Table of Contents on the left, followed by Instrument Links on the right.

6. Click to Add or Edit the Instrument Linkages.

Once you have linked the desired assessment instrument to the assignment in Portfolio, you can move on to this step:

7. If your Portfolio site is configured to use the Blackboard API integration an additional Blackboard Grade Columns section will be available when editing the Instrument Linkages

8. Click on the Connect to Blackboard button and authenticate with Blackboard using your Bb login credentials.

9. After authenticating with Blackboard you can click on the Link to Grade Column(s) button.

10. Optionally filter Blackboard courses by Term or type a course name to locate the desired grade column(s).

11. Check the box next to one or more grade column to link them to the assessment instrument.

Note: Only grade columns for Assignment course content will appear here. Other Blackboard content types with grading are not currently supported.

12. Save your selection(s)

13. After linking the Grade Column(s) Save the instrument settings.